| General Disclaimer

Certified life + health coaches achieve “habit change” via coaching and do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. Megan Wilcox + Team BHQ is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your well-being through life + health coaching services.

The BHQ (Bold Habit Quest) courses, articles, tools, and resources are intended for general educational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for medical, mental, or nutritional advice from a physician, therapist, mental health practitioner, nutritionist, or any other healthcare or wellness professional. BHQ is happy to work alongside your physicians and practitioners to support your wellness. 

Do not disregard or delay taking or seeking any medical advice or any medication, or other professional advice based on the curriculum’s information. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or health professional before undertaking or changing any physical activity.

| Health Coaching Details

 Megan Wilcox + Team BHQ have trained to work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to support their health. They are experts on behavior change and possess the skills required to create trust and rapport with clients.

The coaching process empowers clients to draw on internal strengths, develop self-knowledge, and embrace strategies for making lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health. Health Coaches do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or interpret results; instead, they guide, educate, and support clients.

| Geographic Scope 

We operate 100% online, which means we have clients all across the world. Each state of the US has various laws regarding the credentials and licenses required for nutrition and supplement advice, meal planning, counseling, and other health and wellness advice. Please check your local state regulations before engaging in any of these services to ensure they are up to your local standards. 

You accept personal responsibility to acknowledge the credentials of Megan Wilcox + Team BHQ have been accredited by:

  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Canada: The Canadian Health Coach Alliance
  • UK: The Federation Of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
  • Australia & New Zealand: International Institute For Complementary Therapists (IICT)

If potential clients have a medical condition, we recommend discussing their medical condition with their doctor or health professional before seeking alternative services

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