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The BHQ Approach




My tested + proven collection of courses, toolkits, and resources has helped gamers (just like you!) gain the experience they need to reclaim control of their life offline.

They expand their skills and conquer personal dungeons to experience growth + happiness. Are you ready to unpause your life and start your new quest?

"If you have the opportunity to work with Megan, the programs are well worth the price. We went through a total overhaul of my habits (which were pretty much just sleeping, Minecraft and Twitch). I'm closer to the person I actually want to be.

Somehow I started enjoying other activities without feeling much resistance. Working with her was like having a cheerleader, educator, and best friend all rolled into one. It was a simple, but fun process that taught me how to conquer my procrastination when it flares up."

- Crexfu, PowerLevel Your Life Grad


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Create Your Own Character

With added support you’ll learn to navigate self-sabotage and conquer your personal dungeons. You’ll feel capable of being the hero in your own journey (whether you’re logged in or not!)

  • Gain enough confidence to define a clear path forward and eliminate self-doubt
  • Execute consistent small wins to regain trust with yourself, plus your friends + fam.
  • Learn to maintain healthy boundaries and still enjoy gaming with the negative impact


Becoming a stronger or better person doesn't overnight. It took me two whole years of suffering before I found Megan developing these BHQ programs. Of course I still have struggles, but I've learned we're all a work in progress. I've picked up skills to manage my procrastination, lower my anxiety, and just be an overall better person in 12 weeks. 

- Crexfu Create Your Own Character Grad

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Healthy Heartpieces

We focus on understanding the foundations of our needs, expectations and developing self-care. So before we find our 'player two', it's crucial to make sure we know (and love) ourselves first.

  • Start defining and acknowledging your behaviors to achieve genuine self-acceptance
  • Become aware of unhelpful expectations and cultural norms around relationships
  • Learn how to start or maintain a healthy relationship without compromising yourself


Working with Megan helped me uncover things I wasn't admitting about my own character. I learned the root of my passive-aggressive ways and how to communicate better for my family. It was empowering to verbalize what I want in life to another person and have them help hold me accountable.

- Pixzen Healthy Happy Heartpieces Beta-Tester

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Connected Clan

You've been trying to get your loved one (typically a partner or child) to unsuccessfully cut back on their gaming behavior. We provide an understanding and clear path forward.

  • Understand the appeal and psychology behind the games your loved one plays
  • Learn the differences between escapism, procrastination, and addictive behaviors
  • Identify ways you can help your gamer feel more fulfilled and participate healthily 


Before working with Megan, I had little understanding of the appeal of gaming and how it impacted my kids. I didn't know when to consider it a problem and lacked knowledge of the psychological factors. The best part has been understanding what voids my kids were trying to fill, plus learning to evolve gaming into healthy family time. 

MBouras Connected Clan Beta-Tester