January 12, 2021

Meet This Ex-Navy Gamer Who Is 1000% Determined To Gain Financial Freedom (Plus Still Hang Out On Twitch)

Do you ever feel like your personality is a hot jumbled mess of things that shouldn't go together? Maybe you're a terrible procrastinator, but you like to organize (in theory). 

Physical fitness feels incredible, but you also just wanna lay on the couch with a controller and some chips. 

Well then, this story is for you...


I always thought I was a weird mix of analytical and creative. Lazy, but ambitious. The list goes on...

It wasn't until I got into doing inner work on coaching fundamentals that I learned about working with 'parts' of people. Then I learned all the 'parts' of my personality. It's tricky when your interests and mannerisms clash with each other. 

Am I a lazy couch potato gamer that loves cliché Mountain Dew and Cheeto dust? Or am I that super organized, home-cooking person, who gives a crap about my future?

Guess what I learned!? I'm both, and that's perfectly normal. Everybody is to varying degrees. 

Today I'm excited to share with you an excellent client I've worked with through multiple programs that shared some feelings of confusion on what he was, who he wanted to be, and most importantly:

What in the world was he doing with his time, life, money, and energy? 

Coach Protip: Accepting that there are multiple parts of your personality and ambitions is the healthiest way to start making progress. Don't try to force just one!

So now, let's jump into meeting Omegaz.

  • A Lifelong Gamer
  • Ex-Navy Man 
  • Twitch Affiliate 
  • Wealth Builder

Through multiple programs working together, he figured out which goals and aspects of life were top priorities for him. Then he built up the confidence and skills needed to go for them.

Introduce The Hero: Omegaz

Back in 2008, Omegaz didn't know what he wanted to do coming out of high school. He played MMO's pretty much daily, and eventually, his family became concerned he wouldn't have the drive to figure out a life direction. 

Shortly after, Omegaz followed suit of some family members he respected and thought he'd get a solid start by enlisting in the US Navy. While this wasn’t the career path he was particularly excited for, he could get on board with the fact it would be a stable start to buy some time. Maybe in that time he could learn some work ethic, get some foundational work experience, and hopefully discover his real career goals.

While in the military, gaming morphed into a way of maintaining social connections back home. Most of his family, aside from his parents, played World Of Warcraft for years in the same guild. So WoW made it very easy to have fun with close friends and family digitally. 

It also led to a romantic interest where an online relationship turned into traveling to meet in-person. Hanging out and playing MMO's become the best way to beat loneliness and decompress with something fun and interactive.

He had a stable career ladder to climb but knew he didn't want the military lifestyle forever. It was time to go home and start exploring other interests with the skills and savings he acquired.

The Initial Problem

A large portion of his total time in the US Navy was spent being stationed in Japan. Not only was that a culture shock on the way in, but also on the way out when he finally returned to America. Luckily for him, he was a huge gamer, and loved easily adapting to Japan’s entertainment culture.

After some time getting used to civilian life again and reconnecting with family, Omegaz locked in a new job. That brought some purpose for the immediate future, but he knew it wouldn't be what he wanted long term as a career. 

Omegaz experienced putting in 8 years of service, plus multiple deployments to Africa, South Korea, and Japan. Returning to his home state California, he knew he had to figure out a more concrete life plan. 

We talked a lot about having the confidence to reintegrate into society. He had a strong drive to become independent after being in such a shared living environment with the military for so long. At this point he felt as though he still had never actually lived on his own. 

Omegaz explained he was frustrated with his major pain point of not knowing what to focus on first. So that's what we dug into identifying!

The Pain Points

Omegaz knew he could survive just fine doing what he was doing. But he felt like he was just robot-ing through life with no major goals or outline. What was the end game? How long would he be okay not knowing what he actually wanted to do, or where he actually wanted to live? 

The amount of “I don’t know” sparked some drive, paired with the fact that Omegaz was still adjusting to life outside of the military. He noticed some aspects of his life backsliding without the same level of structure.  


Omegaz spent a lot of time saving up his money while he was in the military. Now he was presented with what to DO with it. Aside from buying himself whatever new game he wanted at launch, he had few solid financial wants, but wanted to make a more concrete plan for the future.

Social Life 

Readjusting to civilian life also meant that Omegaz would need to discover new social circles in his area. Everybody says how tricky it can be to make friends from scratch as an adult and it’s true! Who wants fake friends? Omegaz was focused on establishing a small circle with common interests, who actually cared about each other.  

Physical Fitness

Sticking to a rigid workout routine is a challenge in itself for most people. Omegaz realized how much his military training kept him fit, something he’d now have to replicate at home under solely his own motivation. 

Omegaz realized there were a lot of things that he’d now have to figure out how to handle for himself. He wanted to maintain his physical fitness, establish a new social circle, and ultimately achieve financial independence.

The Quest

He gave me two goals that would challenge him to prove to himself that he could gain confidence and be independent without the military in the picture anymore. We made a plan of attack and got to it!

Objective #1 - Maintaining Better Physical Health

Deciding how invested he wanted to be in his physical health routines was important to him. He was well aware he likely wouldn’t keep his body to the standards it was during his time in the US Navy. That being said, he didn’t want it to completely fall apart, and had interest in other types of movement like picking martial arts back up from childhood.

Objective #2 - Achieving Financial Freedom & Building New Wealth

Omegaz has had a very strong drive to be financially ‘successful’, but didn’t necessarily know how to define that at first. He knew he wanted to be self-sufficient, feel independent, and have the luxury of spare time to pursue whatever interested him. Learning about investments, and long-term financial planning was on his radar.

Getting Started

We started out looking at the overall of his daily life, and how his confidence was starting out. Did he do any physical activity at all? What does his spending look like? 

What I was looking for was simply: Is he taking care of himself right now? Does he have positive levels of energy / diet / sleep to get some clarity on life goals AND stay motivated enough to start working towards them?

Major Goal #1 Achieved

By the time we got to Session 4, Omegaz was blowing up my phone messaging me about how some martial arts videos on Youtube were making his body hurt (in a good way). To my surprise, he was reconnecting with a new form of physical activity. He was also pursuing one that he genuinely enjoyed, instead of running on a treadmill forever!

We celebrated as he checked out some more videos throughout the week. Soon he realized that other factors came into play too, and we talked about food and general diet. Omegaz was eating one solid meal a day, and more crappy takeout food than he was happy to admit. 

Once we chatted about cooking a bit, he seemed pretty open to it. It played into his drive to want to gain more life skills, and be more self-sufficient. The next thing I knew I was having dinner at Applebee’s, and Omegaz was texting me pics of his home cooked tacos. The best trick we implemented was identifying foods he already liked, which motivated him to seek out recipes and make them himself instead of buying them to-go. 

Reassessing Goals 

Omegaz was frustrated in our first couple of sessions that help couldn’t lock in on strong motivators to back up his goals. He wanted a little bit of everything, and still didn’t know where or how to focus. 

We did a visual exercise known as the Wheel of Life during our 8th session, which helped him refocus. It takes all aspects of life such as love, career, finance etc. and organizes everything to see how satisfied you are. Omegaz was immediately able to see what he really wanted to work on for himself. 

Coach Tip: Doing this can make it obvious that you’re avoiding focusing on certain things. Maybe you’re 2/10 satisfied with your relationships (or lack thereof), but not ready to prioritize that just yet. Be kind to yourself, and tackle something else you have the energy to execute. 

Major Goal #2 Achieved

The second major goal for Omegaz was achieving financial freedom. As much as I’d love to say we could achieve that in three months, obviously this one is more of a long-term commitment. 

Previously Omegaz worried often about how he would be able to go about this, or if it was just an unrealistic dream. He’d been dabbling in stocks and investments on his own for over a year, but could he grow to the point of not needing to work? To have reliable passive income every month so he could pursue other things he was interested in?

While a lot of the execution will be left to him in the future, we talked a lot about what he felt was blocking him. Primarily he was worried about gaining enough knowledge in the finance world to be able to continue buying shares and diversifying his portfolio.

Financial freedom is something everyone would love if it came easy, so we took a good look at WHY Omegaz wanted this so bad, and what was he willing to do to get there. 

Answering a lot of inner questions for himself were key. What should he buy with his disposable income? How much should he be investing monthly? What level of risk is he comfortable with… and most importantly, what did he want to do with all his riches if he ultimately reached his goal.

Eventually we discovered his strongest motivators, and that gave him a renewed drive. He started looking having the ambition to research courses that would get him closer to his goals. While he’s no billionaire yet, he’s now on the right track to consistently be growing his knowledge in the finance realm. 

Quest Complete

Omegaz wrapped up his twelve sessions after us working on general life topics over three months. He’s now excited to go further and do deeper work into finances, ultimately leading to open up more freedom in other aspects of life.

He made solid strides on all these things and more:

  • Crushed Goal #1 - Reconnected to health via cooking / pushups!
  • Crushed Goal #2 - Educated himself further on personal investments!
  • Higher motivation to newly identified goals
  • Increased feelings of self-sufficiency moving forward in life

One-on-one coaching was a strong fit for Omegaz, as he was willing to be very thoughtful and deep-thinking in most sessions. At the end of our time together, he decided he’d like to have more coaching - and that we’d focus on specifically some finance coaching.

What Comes Next?

Now just how much more awesome could life get with all these ambitions unlocked? I asked Omegaz what his motivations were moving forward.

Here’s what we cooked up:

  • One day he will plant an apple tree.
  • One day he’s going to travel to Japan again.
  • One day he is going to pet a duck.
  • One day he will be a successful stock investor.

Post-military, Omegaz was able to re-establish himself and the direction he was headed as a part of society. He now was open to the fact that he had a solid plan in place for different aspects of life, as well as a priority order for them. 

It was enlightening to work with Omegaz with him being so concerned about his financial wellness early in life. He got clear on some BIG ambitious goals and isn’t afraid to make the compromises needed to achieve them. His path for financial freedom became clear to him, and he was immediately willing to research the next steps.

Client Takeaways

Wrapping up session twelve of our first program together, I asked Omegaz what his biggest lessons learned were from the last 90 days. 

  • Boosting at-home cooking skills has been saving him a lot of money
  • The importance of having a clear vision behind your day-to-day life
  • His strong drive for financial independence comes from wanting freedom for his future
  • Goals feel doable now, which makes him want to work towards them every day and keep that momentum going
"Honestly felt that I wouldn’t be able to commit to doing this, but once I took the dive… I found there were quite a number of challenges that I needed someone to help push me through. It helped me realize what I want in my life and want a better version of myself will actually look like. I’m continuing with another BHQ program to further work on reaching my goals now.”
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