Coach Megan + Bold Habit Quest

Why it all started and how we got here. The BHQ coaching programs and community were created by me, Coach Megan. I un-paused my life and now help gamers like you to thrive IRL.

I'm a former MMO-addict turned certified Health Coach who loves working remotely, sippin' some tea, and guiding gamers through personal growth.

After reclaiming my life from MMO's, and various health conditions -- I've built the coaching practice that you're visiting right now!

Still an avid gamer, most people ask me how I balance gaming and real-world responsibilities when I put down the controller. But, unfortunately, what I've learned is sharing my story can only do so much...


Outside Your Comfort Zone

Your story will be completely different from mine in the end. But, what I've learned are vital things we can all apply to unlock our individual paths. I believe in done over perfect, edging out of comfort zones (even when it's scary), and not beating yourself up with unrealistic expectations. Like many of us, I was actively sabotaging my own happiness.

So my job is to help you identify what would bring you happiness, plus what limiting beliefs we need to kill for you to make progress. We'll load up your toolkit with new skills and a healthier mindset, starting with simple habit changes. When we pair your strengths with coaching, you'll create a life of purpose, fun, and limitless potential.

Level One: The Basics

No matter what resources or programs you find helpful, they'll always make sure these are on lock. Without healthy habits as a solid foundation, your adventure could be very frustrating. 

  • Learn how to unplug, log out and get to sleep. You get a lot further when you don't feel like a zombie.
  • Your body needs fuel, just like a car. Discover how to eat and nourish yourself, so you have the energy to succeed.
  • Start by accepting yourself and practicing self-care. Compassion takes you much further than frustration.


The BHQ Quest Recap

  • 01. Pressed Start

  • 02. The Downfall

  • 03. Achievements

  • 04. A New Quest

  • 05. Help Others

2008 Rewind

In my late teens, I started a 14-day trial subscription to World of Warcraft. When it expired, I was very hooked (also very broke). So obviously, I made another free trial with a different email address! Offline, my friends were all changing. I was supposed to be shifting into adult-land, and I had nothing figured out. Staying cozy behind the screen sure felt better. Soon into WoW, I had a relationship with someone my age, a guild that relied on me for progress, and many new friends with common interests! I was doing way better online than in real life, and it only cost me $15 a month!


"I believe the impact BHQ can make scales directly with how much inner work I do too."

If we work together, you'll notice that I take an overall wellness approach to coaching gamers. I believe that the best way to grow is guidance paired with your unique strengths -- meaning you already have the ability. It just needs to be fully unlocked.
So let's start with being kind to yourself, acknowledging what you want, and rebooting some habits. These straightforward concepts are challenging work but help to re-program your beliefs to stop your obstacles from feeling like unclimbable mountains.

Our Main Toolkit






Ready For An Adventure?

I'm proud to help the underserved (and often stereotyped) community of gamers. If you're ready to take sustainable steps with your daily routine and ultimately power-level your life in a way that gives you true freedom offline, check out the ways we can make that happen!

Online Courses

I've designed a selection of programs where you will undoubtedly level-up everything from time management to confidence (and it will cost you way less than trying to hack it on your own with no real direction).

Bonus points for the fact that you can watch these in your PJ's with your current snack of choice. Zero judgment (mine used to be pizza pockets and/or waffles). Click the link to check out my popular life + health quest courses for gamers!

What Others Are Saying



Megan and BHQ are so needed in this space. 100% professional, relatable, and totally a gamer serving gamers. My mind feels clearer, I still spend time enjoying games, but I have a real direction. Her own story and coaching created a space where I felt comfortable to be open.



Honestly felt that I wouldn’t be able to commit to doing this, but once I took the dive… It helped me realize what I want in my life and what a better version of myself will actually look like. I’ve been continuing with another BHQ program to further work on reaching my goals now.



Megan's ability to get to the heart of a matter came so naturally. Megan and I worked together to obtain our coaching certifications and paired as both coach and client. She is comfortable being authentic which allows her clients to be open and vulnerable without judgment.


Hi, I'm Megan!

I'm a former MMO-player turned Health Coach who loves working remotely (still an introvert), sippin' some tea, and guiding gamers like you in their quest to thrive IRL. With master certifications in professional coaching and a love for lifelong learning - I hope you'll find some valuable resources around BHQ.