Welcome to BHQ! This is a resource hub for gamers providing proven systems, support, and accountability to start thriving IRL (while still slaying bosses).


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Bold Habit Quest is for growth-minded gamers (like you!) interested in leveling themselves up IRL. #TeamBHQ is led by certified Coach Megan Wilcox, a recovered MMO-addict now serving gamers with community, coaching services, and free wellness education.

Some of the common challenges our community faces are unfun (and often misunderstood) things like:

  • Procrastination / Time Management 
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Hopelessness / Self-Doubt 

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Honestly felt that I wouldn’t be able to commit to doing this, but once I took the dive… I found there were quite a number of challenges that I needed someone to help push me through. It helped me realize what I want in my life and want a better version of myself will actually look like. I’m continuing with another BHQ program to further reach my goals now.

Omegaz BHQ Program Beta-Tester

Megan allowed me to more clearly focus on my personal goals and what I wanted to accomplish. It was empowering to verbalize what I want in life to another person and have them help to hold me accountable to that. Meeting my goals was not only satisfying but it was also a learning lesson on how to repeat the process again in the future.

Pixzen  Happy Heartpieces Graduate

Before working with Megan, I had little understanding of the appeal of gaming and how it impacted my kids. I didn't know when to consider it a problem and lacked knowledge of the psychological factors. The best part has been understanding what voids my kids were trying to fill, plus learning to evolve gaming into healthy family time.

MBouras Connected Clan Graduate


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